Monday, August 27, 2012

Build A Roubo Bench with Jeff Miller

If you live within a day's drive of Chicago here's a great opportunity to build a Roubo style bench with one of the country's best woodworkers and teachers.

Jeff Miller is offering the class in October, but instead of running the class for an entire week he's splitting it up into two three-day weekends. Building a workbench is hard work. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, getting a couple Fridays off from work is a whole lot easier than an entire week.

Jeff has built several Roubo style benches over the past few years, and all with Benchcrafted vises. He understands how they go into a bench perhaps even better than us--he installed his first two while forgetting to consult the installation instructions. He only called us once--to correct a couple of our mistakes, after he installed his vises.

If you take the class and decide you'd like Benchcrafted hardware, we will give our standard student discount. Just drop us a line before you order, which should be now to guarantee you have vises in time for the class.

For more info, see Jeff's website.

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