Monday, October 8, 2012

Glide Instructions Update

We've made a change to the Glide Leg Vise acetal bushing that increases the performance of the Glide when used with the Crisscross. The bushing has always been used for lateral stability (left / right) of the screw. In order to make the installation a smidge easier we're now shipping all Glide vises with our improved bushing. The central hole is now elongated vertically to allow more freedom of movement and wiggle room during the installation process. It's a little tweak, that's it. If you currently use a Glide with a round hole in the bushing, don't think about upgrading. Your current vise will work fine with it. If, however, you will be installing a Crisscross in a Glide with the old bushing, you may want to upgrade. We'll have ordering details shortly before the Crisscross is ready to ship. As always, stay tuned to this blog for all the latest product news here at Benchcrafted.

To download the latest Glide Instructions (page 19 shows the bushing details) visit our downloads page here:

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