Monday, February 18, 2013

Mark Your Calendars...The French Oak Roubo Project

This July, 15-19 a small group of Roubo enthusiasts will gather to build the famed bench from Plate 11 of Roubo's L'Art du Menuisier. 

And you are invited.

Over the past couple years and after several trips to a Roubo-esque millwork shop in the rural South, we've been able to obtain enough French oak to build several benches that almost exactly match Roubo's description of his joiner's bench from Plate 11. The slabs are 5-6" thick, 18 to 28 inches wide and around 19 feet long. They have been air drying for over a decade. But here's the kicker. Some of these trees came directly from the grounds of Versailles, and were likely growing in the late 18th century. We haven't counted the growth rings, but there's a good chance these trees and Roubo were contemporaries. Roubo may have even touched one of these trees. Yes, its perfectly normal for adults to get goosebumps.

If the wood isn't amazing enough, we've convinced several other die-hard Roubo enthusiasts to join Benchcrafted for this epic event.

- Lost Art Press's Chris Schwarz and Don Williams, author's and editors of  "To Make As Perfectly As Possible"  the translation of Roubo's monumental work. 
- Jeff Miller, Chicago furniture maker and author
- Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks
- Ron Brese of Brese Plane
- Jon Fiant, Pro bench maker

Consider this post fair warning. We only have space and wood for a few attendees. In the next week or so we will announce all the details and you'll be able to enroll in the event at the same time. It will be strictly first come, first served. We will announce in advance the exact time when enrollment will open. 


  1. Any word on price/location?

  2. 19 feet long? Seems very long.

  3. Someone needs to be there just to film and edit the video content!!

  4. I second Tim's idea. For those of us who have zero luck at attending such things.

    Also, do you know what is on the inside face of the front left leg in pic above? Looks like it is on the rear left leg also.


  5. Pat,

    See this:


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