Monday, March 18, 2013

Crisscross Update

We were having some issues with some of the Crisscross arms and brackets picking up some slight surface rust on their way from the foundry. Nobody wants to receive rusty goods, so from here on out we're finishing the Crisscross arms and brackets in a satin black. It doesn't affect installation or function, it's entirely cosmetic. Normally we like to keep everything natural, so customers can have the most options when it comes to finishing their vises, whether it be with baked flax, a bit of paste wax, linseed oil, or nothing. We also personally prefer the look of cast iron in its natural state.

But since the Crisscross parts are mostly hidden once installed, we went ahead with this satin black. It looks completely traditional.

In fact, the satin black parts look much like the natural cast iron. See both in the picture above.

We shipped out the last raw iron Crisscross some weeks ago. If you have a Crisscross currently on order, you'll automatically receive the new satin black parts.

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