Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time To Raid Your Lumber Stash

We hate to make another announcement about the Carver's Vise without flat-out saying they are available, but here goes anyway.

Last week, during a glorious spring day, we roughed out billets of 16/4 American Beech for the Carver's Vise. This wood is a mix of quartersawn and rift sawn. We have a small quantity of these available, probably less than 50 total, which we'll be offering with the metal bits when the vise goes on sale.

For those who don't end up with the beech, here is a quick drawing of a 16/4 billet and all the parts for one vise, so you can try and hunt some stock down for your vise. The thicker half needs to finish out at 2-1/2" thick. You don't need 16/4 stock to build a vise, you can make the parts from 12/4 stock, or even thinner if you don't mind gluing up. We hope you build your's with at least 12/4 stock though.

Fair warning. We will have carver's vise pricing and ordering info up in the next couple weeks. We only made a few of these, and expect them to go fast. We'll make an announcement here on the blog when the new page and ordering info is up.

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