Friday, May 31, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the In-between

The Good:

Carver's Vises started shipping Thursday but......see below.  Measured drawings and Construction notes will be up on the site, as per this post, in the next couple weeks or so.

The Bad:

We're catching up and winding down from Handworks.  In light of that we'll be closed all of next week.  No shipments going out, no emails.  We'll be back at it the following Monday.

The In-between:

Though we won't be making any shipments next week, we do have lots of stock, so shipping delays will be short.  That includes all Carver's Vise orders, which are ready and boxed, just waiting to go out the door. 


  1. My vise has shipped, thanks, will arrive Wednesday. Does it come with detailed plans? I did not see any on the site to download.

    Tim Null, satisfied customer

    1. Tim,

      Actually I'll update the post now. The plans, as per the original announcement, won;t be ready for a couple weeks.

  2. I got mine! And wow it all looks super nice! Beautiful billet came with it, the metal parts look first rate. I just hope I can build it well enough to show the Benchcrafted name!


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