Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Out with the old....burn in the new!

We can't complain about the sucess of our Mag-Blok.  We've had almost nothing but compliments over the years over both it's function and it's design.

One thing however that has not enjoyed universal accolades is our choice of branding.  Early on we opted for what at the time made the most sense for us, a plastic dome label.  Initially we thought they were pretty good looking and did the job they were supposed to.  That said, they have not been loved by all.  The plastic flashy label combined with what many have called either the Benchcrafted Space Invader or Transformer (it's neither by the way, but you have to tilt your head to see why) has earned us at least a handful of negative emails (some actually kind of nasty in fact!).

Well in conjunction with the retooling and upgrades we're just wrapping up for improved Mag-Blok production we've also simplified the logo and likely made those few holdouts a lot happier.  It's now a simple wood burn logo placed on the end of the Blok.  All Bloks now shipping will enjoy this new svelte moniker.

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  1. Wow , i thought that plastic dome logo was cool, still do . I get what it is , post some of the nasty emails . I'd like to see what people could possible say about something like that . Gezz are people really that screwy!


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