Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woodworking In America (and Bavaria)

We've been getting some emails about our participation this year at WIA. Due to some family priorities we won't be able to make it to Cincinnati, much to our regret. This is perhaps the most anticipated year for WIA for us since the very first one in Berea, KY five years ago.

Why? First off, Lost Art Press's reprint of Roubo's masterwork will be released at WIA, and a book signing will take place with all (I'm fairly certain) of the collaborators on this project. Read more here. We feel like we're missing an historic event.

Secondly, Peter Galbert. Collaborating with Pete over the past year has been a treat. Releasing our new Drawsharp drawknife sharpening tool (fingers crossed!) at WIA together would have been sweet. Nevertheless, the goal is to get the first ones off the line to the Marketplace and Pete's booth, which I'm told will be manned by Claire and Tim, Pete's fellow toolmaking collaborators.

Thirdly, Peter Ross. After working with Peter on the French Oak Roubo Project this year, we've become huge fans. Not only is Peter's work impeccable, he's an extremely generous person who exudes information freely and with a passion that gets our juices flowing.

In short, if you're on the fence about WIA, you should go this year.

On a somewhat related note, here are a couple old German videos that you should watch.

And since I'm half German, and the great-grandson of a German butcher, here's another interesting watch. It's just another kind of craftsmanship.


  1. It's true, sausages and laws, they should be made in private!


  2. Wonder if it was "der Lehrbueb" (the apprentice) who had to inflate the beef bladder.....

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