Thursday, December 12, 2013

XX Small Split Top Roubo

Camil Milincu, a customer from Romania whom we've posted about before, sent us these pictures of a bench he just finished. Camil nailed this one. Here's his description:

Hello Jameel,

I have attached some pictures of a bench I've finished. It's for a friend which had a tough request: all the stuff that's on my bench (seen here -ed.), but in 53 inches. The easiest thing to do was to chop the end vise. But since he might move to a bigger shop (and I hope he does), I had to come up with a plan to keep all the hardware intact.  I've sunk the rails in the underside of the benchtop and made a deep recess for the screw. As I had to keep some wood for the leg tenon, the last dog had to be shortened. This explains the weird hole.
For this one the toothing plane was used only in the center of the slabs, leaving a smooth strip near the dogs.

Let's hope the next one will be a "regular" :).

Best regards and Happy Holidays,


  1. Wow, the details on that sliding deadman and the face vice are awesome!

    Great stuff, Jameel! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is excellent. I'm in the planning stages of a 60" Roubo with tail and face vises. This bench as well as the build log on Camil's full sized Roubo give me both insight and inspiration. Thanks for posting. I agree that the lamb's tongue details on the deadman are spectacular.

  3. Andy, I'm also getting ready to build a 60" split top. have you already mocked it up on sketchUp?

  4. if you make a split top why not make a huge vise, just some threadstock and handles


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