Monday, August 11, 2014

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Sketchup Drawing

We uploaded the Sketchup drawing for the La Forge Royale Miter Jack this morning. A couple things about the drawing.

There are no plan views, or elevations, etc. We want to make this affordable as possible, so you'll have to pull dimensions off the drawing. Plenty of tutorials out there if you're unfamiliar.

There are two scenes in the drawing besides the main view. One is an explosion so you can quickly identify and measure the parts. The other shows each part that takes a fastener and what that fastener is.

You'll notice that the screw is colored green and has no threads. The nut block also has no threads. We're still working out the specs on these, so didn't bother drawing them. That's likewise true for the tenon and brass ferrule. Still some tweaking to do on those. But again, that's meaningless if you're buying a kit.

As typical with parts explosions, some of the components look really complicated to make, like the body spacer, for example. Lots of the geometry on these parts will get milled out once the base is assembled and you cut the groove for the splines on the end. We'll show the process.

We're partnering with Lake Erie Toolworks to produce the screw and nut block on these. Nick does flawless work, and he's meticulous about making sure the threads on his screws contact flatly with the threads in the nut. It's finicky work. We've already sourced enough quartersawn 10/4 hard maple for the nut blocks.

In the coming weeks we'll have pricing info up. If you're interested in a kit (no obligation) please respond in the comments section here, NOT in this post. We will only make so many kits, this won't be a stock item.

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Sketchup Drawing


  1. I indicated an interest in the comments section of an earlier post. I'm still interested.


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