Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holdfast after Camion Freres

While developing our hand forged holdfast we toyed with making one based on a holdfast by the Camion Freres company (see the CF holdfast, which we sourced in France, pictured below.)

However, the CF holdfast was just too huge to produce for a fair price, so we quickly ruled out using it as our model.

We did make one however, and we're offering it for sale. We usually don't sell prototypes of anything we make, but this is different, since our vise prototypes usually look like something out of Mad Max. This hand forged holdfast is a thing of beauty.

The CF holdfast reproduction (right) pictured with our Benchcrafted Holdfast prototype.

The CF reproduction works in 1-1/4"  or 1-1/8" diameter holes. It takes a couple whacks to release in the smaller hole. The larger hole gives up its grip with usually one whack.

Price is $250 plus shipping. If you'd like to purchase, send an email to and include your shipping address.  SOLD

In the video the stock is 5" thick ash.

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