Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Miter Jacks - Just About There

Today we received the wood components for the La Forge Royale Miter Jack Kits from Nick Dombrowski of Lake Erie Toolworks, who machined the hard maple screws and nuts to machinist tolerances.

We're again floored by Nick's work. It is simply flawless. Nick nailed the fitment of our machined metal parts with the screw's tenon. We didn't check every screw, but on the first one we grabbed, the ferrule slid on with no play and snugged up at the last 1/4", dead flush with the end of the ferrule. Sweet. The garter pin slid into place perfectly. The fresh brass, steel, and maple are going to make a gorgeous vise.

We sourced the stock for the kits from our good friend Pete Terbovich of Horizon Wood Products and boy did he deliver. The nut blocks are cut from prime quartersawn 10/4 hard maple.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road to pick up the last couple bits for the kits, and then we'll get busy packing these for shipment. We're still fiddling with branding for these, so Christmas delivery is quite likely not going to happen (sorry!) We expect to have these ready to ship very soon though.

To remind, we're only making 100 of these. Actually, 99, since we'll use one kit to do a series of blog posts on making the miter jack start to finish. If you're planning to build one, you should source your maple now and get it roughed down so you can start building when the parts arrive. Get the Sketchup drawing here.

We still have a few kits available. If you'd like to order, click here.

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