Thursday, June 4, 2015

Limited Run Mag-Bloks

Back when cocobolo wasn't on the CITES list, a couple times a year we'd do a batch of One-of-a-Kind Mag-Bloks, in various sizes.  We'd also do any other exotics we could get our hands on that we're interesting.

We've not done that for some time, we simply don't have the time.  What we do have the time for though are slightly less exotic woods, in standard sizes in limited runs.

What we have now are, as pictured top to bottom, Wenge, Quartered Oak, Bocote & Padauk.

Unlike in the past when we've posted individual photos of each blok, mostly for character and grain reference, these species are all fairly consistent in variation so we're not going to do that.

Prices are, plus shipping:

12":  $41.00
18":  $54.00

Quartered Oak
12":  $35.00
18":  $48.00

12":  $48.00
18":  $60.00

12":  $38.00
18":  $51.00

We have a handful of each of these.  To order, send an email to and include your shipping address. We'll send you an invoice to pay. Simple as that.  ALL SOLD OUT.

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