Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bag O' Suede is BACK but bigger as Box O' Suede

We get fairly frequent requests for extra suede.  We don't sell the suede that comes with our vises unless you've bunged yours somehow.

In the past that's left us with a fair amount of "scrap".  We used to sell it, stuffed into a Flat Rate Padded Envelope, it typically ran 1-1.5 lbs. worth, which is more than you might think.  We stopped doing that because it was just too fussy and we have better things to do.

Well the scrap pile is getting near it's end and we want it out of here.  So we've added suede scraps back to the Store page, and the price is the same as before, $20.00 shipped in the US, only now it gets stuffed into a Medium Flat Rate box.  The Medium box holds a fair share more.  You'll get all sizes, totally random.  Some small scraps some large.

Once it's gone, that will be it...........we think.

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  1. I actually even found a use for the skinny strips - I glued them onto a wodden guitar stand for teh guitar to sit on. Très utile!


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