Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Around the Corner: FORP II

In one week we'll be settling in at the woodworking utopia that is Wyatt Childs Inc. for seven days of tannin-stained, sweat-soaked adventure. After a lightning fast year from when we first announced the event, the FORP II is happening!

Here are some pics of a souvenir poster we printed today for FORP participants and volunteers. Designed by Wesley Tanner, Benchcrafted, and our old pal A.J.

These are printed on off-white Tyvek. Yeah, house wrap. It's tear-proof, waterproof, looks like old parchment or vellum, and takes ink beautifully.


  1. That's cool, so long as it doesn't say Home Depot on the back, or that's going to mess with some archeologist's head later on.
    I made a wallet with tyvek years ago and it doesn't hold up well in that constant running environment, though it won't be an issue in this application unless these benches get the "my precious" treatment.

  2. Yes, very cool. Looks like the star power is growing for FORP II! During the first event one participant (Roger) brought the Plate 11 poster and had all participants sign. Was a great idea, perhaps some will do the same with this.

    Not sure if any of the participants will be blogging along, but if they are would be great to have their links posted. Looking forward to following along!

  3. Definitely want one of those!

  4. Definitely want one of those!


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