Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Idea Behind The Classic Workbench

This week we're building the new Benchcrafted Classic Workbench, both in the virtual world, and in reality.

For several years we've been keen on designing a more approachable bench for new enthusiasts, or those who prefer the raw simplicity of a smaller, stripped down bench. We also wanted to produce something around our Classic Leg Vise, which deserves a bench of its own!

Continuing on the design and functional aesthetic of the Classic Leg Vise, this bench will strongly echo the workbenches from the late 19th and early 20th century French vocational schools, colonial territories, and those offered by the La Forge Royale company.

For those with a Split Top Roubo, the Classic will  make an excellent, economical second bench.

The bench features only one vise for now. The Classic Leg Vise with Crisscross Solo. To round out the workholding, a planing stop and holdfasts are used for face work.

The bench uses only one type of joint. The easy to make half-lap mortise and tenon. We use this joint during the French Oak Roubo Project to joint the rails to the legs, with a single 5/8" drawbored peg. The top of this bench is joined to the base with the same joint.

This won't be a knock-down bench, so the hardware cost will be minimal. We're trying our hardest to design this bench to be affordable, easy to build, and perform to a high standard.


  1. Bravo! That is what I want to build. Thanks guys.

  2. What are those budding woodworkers wearing on their feet? That's what I want to know. Nice bench BTW.

  3. Appears a bit like Le Old Schoole Roubo from the updated Popwood / Schwarz book. I am eyeballing that design.

  4. Cant wait I have been looking for a reason to buy the classic leg vise. 3rd bench here I come

  5. Wonder what is going on with the foreground bench resting on a precarious pile of stones?

  6. "The bench features only one vise for now. "

    New wagon in the future? (Looks like classic, heart of current.)

  7. I would also love a wagon vise in the classic style to go with the classic leg vise. That would be an awesome combination and would give a bench a real retro vibe.

  8. Are there going to be any plans for this workbench?

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