Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aaron Moore's Compact Bench

Aaron Moore of Walke Moore Tools sent us pics of his bench that he built for demoing tools at woodworking shows. It was sized to fit in the back of the Walke Moore Tools show van.

Moore's bench is a good example of a short, simple bench that is quick and easy to build. Only 72" long, with a 2 1/2" thick top, about the only thing we'd change is to add a planing stop. And with our's available in the next day or so, Aaron will have his chance (hint!)

The bench features our Glide M, and a very understated yet classy black milk paint finish on the base and chop. We especially like the patined arris on the chop, with the hard maple showing through. Gives the bench a bit of the vector graphics look (Vectrex anyone?)

Hope you bring the bench to Handworks next year, Aaron.

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