Monday, June 12, 2017

Swing Away Seat Instructions

We've uploaded the installation instructions for the Swing Away Seat. We offer some tips and guidelines for installation, as well as fastener recommendations (which are not included with the seat.) We suggest you read up on the installation while waiting for you seat to arrive so you can have your hardware in house when the seat arrives.

Download the document here.

Also available on our downloads page.


  1. Excellent instructions, worked well for my install. One tip: It takes a bit of torque to install 1/2"x4" lag bolts, while my standard brace plus socket was getting it done, an automotive cross type lug wrench made it much easier.

  2. I received my seat on Friday and now am reading the instructions while I wait for my fasteners (from blacksmith bolt) to arrive. Kudos another fantastic product, guys.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, a long ratchet and socket are the only way to install big lags.

  4. Timely. Just cut up two pieces of white oak to join to make my seat.

  5. Would drilled and tapped holes with machine screws be strong enough to hold the seat hardware to the bench?

    1. It depends on the installer. That's why we recommend lags.


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