Monday, May 21, 2018

Mark's Roubo By Hand

Here is my finished bench and I am very happy with it! I’m pretty new at this and don’t own a power jointer or planer - so - I had plenty of hand planing to complete this. At the end of the day, I’m thankful because I am very comfortable with four squaring large pieces as well as flattening a large top with only hand tools. I used 2 x 12 SYP construction lumber. I tried to end up with primarily rift sawn lumber to avoid the large “cathedral grain” flat sawn boards and no knots. I did pretty well with this except for the sliding deadman. That was my last part and I was out of lumber...LOL
My first project on my bench was the gap stop. Oh what a blessing it is to use such a fine bench. I didn’t even know what I was missing.
Thanks John and Jameel - I appreciate your products. I hope to make many fine pieces of furniture for my family and friends. And also make plenty of memories next to my new bench. Love it!!!!
Mark Ortiz



  1. Mark, it looks like you've done a beautiful and skillful job building your bench. I hope it will continue to inspire you as you seek to continue challenging yourself through woodworking. Congratulations!

  2. Over the top workmanship!
    I have a couple of dimensions missing on the Roubo plans, particularly on the right front leg. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance
    Bill Belanger


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