Friday, December 28, 2018

10th Anniversary Vises--Ready!

2008 marked the year of our first vise product, the Benchcrafted Tail Vise. To commemorate the event we designed a special pair of handwheels based on our Glide M and Tail Vise M series and are now offering them as a limited edition of just a few sets of benchmaker packages.

We won't make these again like this. 

The changes are 99% aesthetic, the vises function as you would expect any Benchcrafted product to, smoothly and effortlessly. 

The details:

- "X" spoke design to denote the Roman numeral ten, for 10 years of vise production. 
- Glide handwheel fitted with four knobs instead of the usual three
- Knobs turned from infused holly wood to suggest the look of real elephant ivory
- Knob washers and shoulder bolts turned in brass
- Available only as a Benchmaker's package (individual Glides or Tail Vises not available)
- You can choose which Crisscross mounting you'd like (Solo or Retro)
- Limited edition--will not be produced like this again

All other specs are identical to our M series Glide and Tail Vises. 


Ordering for the 10th Anniversary Benchmaker's Package will open on January 2, 2019 at 1pm, central standard time. 

To order your package, head over to the Glide or Tail Vise page on the Benchcrafted website (you can buy the Anniversary package from either page) then click the "BUY" link in the navigation bar (Specs F.A.Q. Buy) to be taken to the bottom of the page. Click here for a direct link to the section on the Glide page. The package comes stock with a Crisscross Solo. If you'd like a Crisscross Retro instead, you can add that to your order once the Anniversary package is in your cart.

You can follow the link above to see the Anniversary section. Note that the "Add to cart" isn't active. On Jan. 2 at 1pm CST it will become active, at which time you can place your order. You'll want to refresh your browser at that time to have the best chance of getting a package.

Please don't contact us asking to pre-order the package. We only have a limited number of these, and want to give everyone a fair chance. Thus the several day heads up. 

We only kept 1 set for ourselves, and that's the honest truth. If you end up getting a package, we welcome pictures of your finished bench.

Happy New Year! 


  1. Ten years?! Congrats! (I still love my first-gen Glide!)

  2. Mag-Blocs make Slate's 'Best Gear for Small Apartments' early 2019 list. I'll add large and and medium abodes to that sentiment. I've had mine for years. Love it. It's about the 13th item down on the list. Nice review.

    To keep this post kind of on-topic, my criss-cross Glide is the envy of anyone that sees it in my shop. 'Why didn't I know of that before I built my workbench?'. You can upgrade. Great vice.

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