Friday, June 14, 2019

Now Available: The New Crisscross 14

In the works for a few years now, today we launch our new Crisscross 14.

The Crisscross 14 was developed to expand on the versatility of our Crisscross Solo and Retro. With arms that are 14" long, the Crisscross 14 occupies 5" less vertical space than the Solo or Retro and requires only a 7/8"  wide mortise. It functions nearly identically to our full size Crisscross, and mounts to your bench exactly like the Crisscross Solo.

Made entirely from steel and delivered with a lightly oiled finish, the Crisscross 14 was developed to fit in benches that are shorter than 30" tall, leaving more room for positioning your leg vise hardware. It works flawlessly with our Glide or Classic Leg Vise.

The Crisscross 14 is also ideal for use in the Moravian style workbench popularized by Will Myers. It will fit into the bench as designed by Myers without any modification to the plans.

For those wishing to mount a leg vise to an adjustable height workbench (such as a Noden Adjust-a-bench) the Crisscross 14 is a perfect fit, and allows the bench to be lowered as intended.

The Crisscross 14 is $79, and is also available with any of our leg vises and Benchmaker packages.

We're particularly pleased that with the release of the Crisscross 14 we can now offer our Classic Leg Vise with the 14 for only $289.

Order the new Crisscross 14 here. They are in stock and ready to ship.


  1. Website does not appear to be working for the CC14 - all CC14 links only allow purchase of CC19.

    1. Please refresh the page. If a simple refresh doesn't work try ctrl+f5.


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