Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Benchcrafted "Glide" Leg Vise

I'm very excited to finally announce our latest product, the Benchcrafted Glide leg vise. Pictured above is the prototype of the vise, on the travel bench we just finished for some upcoming shows next month:

Benchcrafted at Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Chicago May 1-2

Benchcrafted at Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Popular Woodworking Magazine, Cincinnati May 16-17

The vise utilizes a unique system of two opposing ball-bearing roller brackets that completely support the weight of the vise's moving jaw (chop) by trapping the vise's parallel guide between the rollers. The system is completely adjustable, and very simple to build, install, and maintain. With the weight of the jaw completely removed from the vise's screw, the vise is free to function without any added friction or stress. The jaw literally can glide in and out with a spin of the handwheel.

The handwheel itself is an 8" diameter chromed cast-iron wheel with incredible mass. This mass, also supported by the roller system, helps to quickly move the jaw to accomodate different workpiece thicknesses, as well as provide momentum to tighten the screw with minimal human effort. The roller system is so effective, that with a generous spin of the handwheel the vise will continue to advance or retract without additional effort, up to about 7 revolutions. This makes gross adjustments quick and easy, negating the need for a quick-release.

With the addition of suede leather to the inside faces of the vise, the handwheel can simply be spun up to the workpiece and that's it. In most cases, little or no further advancement of the handwheel is necessary.

This vise incorporates the same American-made precision rolled-thread acme screw used on our Benchcrafted Tail Vise. It's extremely smooth and accurate. The vise's handwheel is outfitted with a turned rosewood handle.

Please stop by these upcoming shows to check out the the new Glide leg vise and our awesome Tail Vise. The travel bench we just finished will be at the shows, and it's also outfitted with two of our Tail Vises, a right hand and left hand version. We'll also have a full array of fine planes and hand tools to test out the new vises with.

We'll have more info at the shows on pre-production pricing and delivery times for the new vise.

In the meantime, take a look at the following video to see the new vise in action.


  1. Lovely vice! I wathed the litle clip, I'd like to see you pull up on that piece of wood instead of pushing down!
    Anyway, you have done your home work on the two vice you sale, I realy like what I have seen so far!
    keep up the great inovation... I guess it's possible to reinvent the weel!!

  2. The video is extremely impressive. It is hard to believe how easily the vise grabs the wood and can even hold your weight on it. Thanks for put the video there, it makes all the difference in the world. There are no words to describe what the video shows.

  3. Awesome Jameel. Just Awesome. I really enjoyed the bench making blog too. Thanks.


  4. David, Regis and Matt. Thanks for the comments. I'll try lifting the bench with the clamped piece. Should be no problem, since the bench isn't as fat, er uh, heavy as me!

  5. Alan in little Washingnton (NC)April 28, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    Nice job!

    Have you considered putting a wooden ratchet and (spring loaded) follower or two opposing ratchet strips like INCRA uses on some of their stuff on the bottom of the chop. It could still slide out easily as the follower would just click from notch to notch. Instead of bending over to set the pin, you could step on a release pedal push a level to release the follower while you set the jaws to the the stock, then release it when you apply clamping force. Properly made, I believe you could achieve an adjustment almost as fine as you get from the pin and 3 rows of staggered holes.

  6. This is amazing. Incredible work.


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