Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event--Chicago!

Last weekend we participated in a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Chicago. During the show we demonstrated our new Glide leg vise, as well as our wagon vise. The event was held at furnituremaker Jeff Miller's shop, who was a great host for the event. Demonstrators included the Lie-Nielsen staff, Jeff Miller, Christopher Schwarz of Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine, and Ron Brese, infill plane maker. We answered a few questions for Woodworking Magazine's weblog about the new Glide leg vise, as well as dozens of questions from event attendees.

The good news about the Glide is that we've just about nailed down pricing for the vise. We will also be taking pre-orders for the vise in about a week's time so you can secure your place in line for the first batch. The pre-order price will offer a significant savings over the ultimate price of the vise. And for those who would like both the Glide and the Benchcrafted Tail Vise, package pricing will also be available, with a significant savings over purchasing separately.

If you are in the Cincinnati area the weekend of May 16-17, please stop by the next Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Popular Woodworking Magazine's headquarters. We'll be there with our new Glide leg vise and Tail Vise-equipped bench. The Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events are completely unique and well-worth attending. They are also totally free.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all the enthusiastic woodworkers in Chicago this past weekend, and watching the experts from Lie-Nielsen demonstrate their tools and craft. Following are a few photos from the event.

An attendee checking out the details of the Glide.

Chris Schwarz's bench.

Another attendee trying out the Glide. In the foregroud, fellow hand-tool enthusiast Rob Giovannetti. (Rob is a die-hard Lie-Nielsen fan)

Event coordinator Deneb Puchalski demostrating at his bench.

Chris Schwarz and Ron Brese. Chris is trying out Ron's prototype shooting board plane.

Me, demonstrating the Glide in context.

Host Jeff Miller at his bench.

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