Thursday, May 21, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Though this isn't a review blog per se, we often mention products or items of interest that fit in with our own. In this case it's photography and it's been a while since we came across something this satisfying. We like other makers of our ilk, artisans who are trying to do what they can, as best they can, in an honest to goodness way.

In our never ending search for the Ultimate Camera Strap (in conjunction with it's cousin the Ultimate Camera Bag!.....still looking) we stumbled on this gem, Gordy's Camera Straps. We're not too fond of straps particularly, or camera accessories in general. Having grown up in what might be considered the Golden Age of photography, or at least it's twilight, we like simple, mildly padded, not spongy, tough, manly gear. As long as it does what it should. All of this "comfortable" and "protective" foam and neoprene just gets in our way. We were raised to use our gear, not baby it. If a hard leather case was good enough for Ansel it's darn good enough for us.

That brings us to this strap, a no nonsense leather article, expertly stitched to be all but bullet proof. The straps come in various configurations, we chose the Sling, worn across the chest to the hip, with the black thumbscrew tripod attachment. The strap attaches just like your tripod and is equally secure (that's it mounted on our D70s). The beauty of the thumbscrew is simple and fast attachment, and more importantly detachment. Coupled between the thumbscrew and strap is a typical quick link connector which facilitates sliding the camera around to your eye, the strap doesn't move, the camera does. This design is being used by others but without the charm and craft work that goes into these.

Gordy makes both neck & hand straps in several different mount styles (tripod, lug, string, etc). We can't recommend these enough. And contrary to our Hemmingway-ish attitude concerning no nonesense comfort, this strap is darn comfortable too boot.

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