Monday, April 12, 2010

Chicago Report

The Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Chicago this past weekend finished up Saturday night after a couple literally rip-roaring days of great fun and learning (I saw more rip sawing over the weekend than I care to remember--and some of downright comical--but more about that later). Both days the shop was packed with attendees.

We had a great time seeing past and present customers and friends. Connecting with people is what these events are all about, and a good portion of the weekend is spent catching up with people's projects (everyone is building benches!) and plans. I also learn an enormous amount at these shows, both from attendees and other demonstrators.

Jeff Miller's shop is not huge, but its also not a cracker-box. The former bowling-alley (the position markers are still visible under decades of wear, glue drips, and floor paint) that is Jeff's shop is beautifully lit in the afternoons by the large, high-placed windows on the long western wall of the shop. Rich sunlight washes over the bench tops and instantly creates an environment which transports one back to a nostalgic age of hand craft. (taking a class at Jeff's shop would be a fantastic experience, and he offers several) And this made for some nice pictures and video, which I promise to get uploaded in the next week or so, including video of different ripping techniques, by Chris Schwarz, old-school carpenter Carl Bilderback (who is always a pleasure to chat with), and some other locals.

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