Thursday, April 8, 2010

Split-Top Roubo Bench For Sale (Chicagoland)

Tomorrow we'll be at Jeff Miller's shop for the L-N Hand Tool Event. Last year we debuted the Glide at this event with our prototype Split-Top Roubo bench (pictured above). This bench will be for sale at this event, and will be available for pick-up at the end of Saturday's session. (6pm).

The bench is 6' long and 26" wide with a 4" throughout solid maple top. The base is also maple. It's outfitted with our Glide Leg Vise and two (!) Benchcrafted Tail Vises with matching dog hole strips. Outer laminates are dovetailed into the end cap.

Not pictured, but included is the gap-stop accessory in maple, sliding deadman, and a pair of Gramercy holdfasts. The base also features a new shelf (birch with a touch of flame) between the lower rails. The bench has seen exactly one year of use at a handful of shows, all in a demonstration setting, plus a little time in our own shop for testing. It's got a few superficial scratches and dings which should disappear next time you flatten it.

Price is $2695.


  1. That is a steal! I'm building the full sized Roubo with a single tail vise and have almost $2k invested. Somebody's getting a deal!

  2. I bet it's sold before you get to the event. What a deal!

  3. Can John bring it back on the plane with him?


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