Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Benchmakers Apprentice: Roller Guides

So here we are, making a couple roller brackets for the Glide Leg Vise I will be installing. I took a piece of ash I had left over and cut the ends on the band saw as you can see in the picture above.

I should have drilled this hole before cutting into the wood, so to minimize blow-out and/or breakage of the Fraxinus americana I put a small piece in between.

And that isn't looking too bad! After drilling both ends like the one above, I cut the piece in half so I could work on each bracket individually.

A nice fit.

Now these brackets need some slots so that they can be mounted to the bench leg and have some adjustability.

I use a forstner bit for drilling out these slots because forstners won't slip and they usually go where you point them. If only everything was like a forstner bit...

This is the hole for the fastener that holds the wheel shaft in.

Tapping the hole.

La magnifique!

Now those brackets need somewhere to go.

After marking for the holes for the brackets(two for each), I went ahead and counter sunk the holes a bit.

Then I tapped the holes a little bit. Well, actually a lot.

The backbone of the Glide is now done!


  1. Great work, Hunna - I'm loving watching the next generation of Abraham's come into his own as an artist and craftsman. Keep it up - you have to finish this before the weather gets too nice and you get distracted by 'other things'.

    Besides, you need to get this bench established in Jameel's shop quick, before he buys any more equipment!


  2. Thanks Raney!

    At this point, there's hardly room for both of us to move around in the shop, let alone room for a whole bench!


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