Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Benchmakers Apprentice: Routing the Dog Holes

Well, today I got out my bench top and decided to make some dog holes. I begin by planing this piece of Ash, which will be the front section of the split top, because our jointer couldn't accommodate the 11+ inches of solid Ash.

After planing the face flat, I jointed the edge and, using the planing machine, planed the piece to thickness.

Here is a left-over piece of ash that will serve the purpose of the dog hole laminate very nicely.

Here is a little layout of what the dog hole should look like after being routed. Below is a top view for your viewing pleasure.

Before just going in and routing out all of that material, I take a saw, or two, and cut down about an eighth away from the entire depth of the router cut and also about an eighth away from the dog hole wall. So, in actuality, the router is cutting very little material, but we're still getting a perfect looking hole.

I put tape on the saw to remind me not to cut too deep.

Now, just taking an old chisel, I break out all that material that we don't need.

Here is the jig I'll be using. Very complex, patented, and covered with A LOT of insurance.

As you can see, after clearing out most of the material, the router won't be doing too much work.

And there you go! A great looking dog hole. Next we just need some dogs to occupy the space.

See you next week!

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