Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andy Brownell's Moxon Vise

One of the people that we always look forward to seeing at WIA is Andy Brownell, known to many as the "Gorilla Glue Guy". And that, in our opinion, is an unfortunate moniker, since Andy is not simply a rep for Gorilla Glue. Every show we've been to, including a couple L-N events in Ohio, we expect to see Andy behind his bench most likely cutting dovetails by hand or fitting dozens of mortise and tenon joints. Andy brings his projects to shows, to the benefit of anyone who happens to visit the Gorilla Glue booth.

Andy is a great craftsman, with a technician's taste in joinery and a surgeon's skill with tools. He's spent time under the tutelage of another good friend of Benchcrafted, Jeff Miller. So its no wonder that Andy's work is eye-catching. He's also a gentleman, and enthusiastic about the craft, two qualities that we like.

Ironically enough, at WIA a few weeks ago we displayed a sign on our Moxon demo bench that stated "clamps to any surface, great for guerrilla joinery". One person the entire weekend picked up on that, and it was none other than Andy, the "Gorilla Glue" guy!

Andy bought a Moxon kit at the show, and sent us these pictures of his benchtop bench with Moxon hardware. The wood is Niangon, a west African species. The pic above is before finish was applied to the wood, or the hand wheels. Below shows the vise after a Danish oil finish, and baked tungoil on the hand wheels.

If you'd like to see more of Andy's work, please visit his page at Lumberjocks.

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