Monday, October 31, 2011

I Cooked My Vises

A couple weeks ago I was traveling for a few days. And for once I had the foresight to get some things ready a couple days before my departure. One of the things on my list was to finish the wheels on my vises with baked flax oil.

So I stripped my bench at home of its two satin iron handwheels, dropped them off at my brother's home and left a note: "beautify my wheels."

By the time I got home a few days later, two baked-flax-oil handwheels were waiting for me.

And boy did they look fantastic. I couldn't wait to get them reinstalled on my bench. And last week I did just that.

The wheels look and feel fantastic, and are now highly rust resistant to boot. I don't know how your monitor is calibrated, so I'll try to give you an idea of how these look. I'd call the color "chocolate-bronze". But the chatoyance of the steel underneath is still visible. It almost looks like a cat's eye stone. Almost.

I'm not much for fancy benches, or flashy hardware. I like a more subdued, patina-esque look. These fit the bill perfectly.

We ship all vises now with handwheels detached, so you can bake your's too. Here's the details.


  1. Yup, looks pretty chocolatey-bronze from where I'm sitting. Looks great with the Rosewood(?) knob, too...

  2. Wow, those look like a million bucks!

  3. MERDE!!!! C'est fantastique!!!!


  4. Did your company logos survive the baking process? I know that came up as a possible concern in the earlier post.

  5. All vises are now shipped with the handhweels separate. The logo is applied after assembly.

  6. Jameel,

    I have an earlier version of the handwheels with logos already attached - do you know if they survive repeated bakings with flaxseed oil and if not, can you supply replacement logos?

  7. The logo is actually attached the end of the screw shaft, not the handwheel. If you'd like instructions on removing the handwheel for baking, email us.

  8. Jameel,

    Thanks, I should have clarified - I have the smaller Moxon vice handwheels and the logo seems to be stuck on securely. Just curious as to whether anyone has cooked one of these handwheels and if the logo survived.

  9. The logo will be toast, literally. Try to pop off the logos before you bake. If they don't survive either operation, drop us an email to inquire about getting new ones.

  10. I just purchased a Moxon vise hardware kit and I would like to apply this process. Does this only apply to the handles or do the acme screw and nuts as well?
    My main purpose for doing this is for rust protection and I am not sure if the screw and nut also need something like this (they do not appear to be made of cast iron but I am not sure what type of protection they will need).

  11. You could treat the screw and nuts too, but its really not that necessary. The screw and nuts are smooth enough to discourage most rust, unless your shop is subject to a lot of humidity. I would treat the handwheels first and see how the other parts fare in your shop.


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