Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crisscross Installation - A Preview

For the past week we've been putting in long days packing vises. Yes, we're happy to say that we're shipping vises again. If you've ordered in the past two months (ouch!) your vises may have already gone out, or you'll be hearing from us very soon about shipping details. So keep your eyes peeled for notifications in your inbox. By this time next week, all open orders should be filled.

Now, for those of you who are looking to install a Crisscross we have some good news. We've been preparing some drawings for you. We don't normally recommend that you cut into your bench before the hardware is in hand. But in this case you can feel fairly safe in doing so. The mortise for the Crisscross is fairly straigh forward. It'd be pretty hard to goof up. If you're not 100% confident though, better wait. Study the drawings and instructions carefully and lay out everything in actual size on your bench parts before cutting anything. A couple weeks ago we prepped nine benches for Crisscrosses, so we've got virtually all the install bugs worked out. If you have any questions or concerns, post them as comments below so all can benefit.

The best way to excavate the long Crisscross mortises is on a drill press with a large Forstner bit. This will hog out tons of material in short order. Then clean up the little crescent shapes with a router and fence, or simply with a paring chisel.

You can also do your base joinery based on the drawings in the PDF.

If you have a Glide in hand (or other leg vise hardware like a simple bench screw) do not install it yet. There is an installation sequence to be followed to allow the Crisscross and Glide (or bench screw) to work best with each other. We'll cover that in more detail when the Crisscross instructions are finalized.

Now I'm sure you're wondering when the Crisscross will be available, and how much it will cost. We're very close to having pricing finalized. Should be within a week. As for production date, probably sometime in November. Definitely well before Christmas.

Here is the link to download the PDF:

Crisscross Installation Preview


  1. You mean to tell me that we were just a bunch of guinea pigs! Really? Okay, let's get real. To all potential purchasers of the Crisscross, let me say that cutting out the large mortises with a Forstner bit (on a drill press) and a router/straight bit is very easy. Most of us cleaned out the bottoms with a chisel, but that's because we are ...(fill in the blank). There's no need for this, it won't be seen. Putting in the Crisscross is a piece of pie, or will be once we get our grubby hands on them. Way easier than the previously used rolled system. And I bet it will look boss with a flax seed oil coating.

  2. The most important thing you pointed out there (and that's only my opinion) is studying all plans carefully before you proceed. That applies to carpentry as a whole - acting without a previously drawn plan is a recipe for wasting good material.


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