Friday, September 28, 2012

Crisscrosss Pricing

As promised, below is pricing on the forthcoming Benchcrafted Crisscross.

We'll be offering the Crisscross in two separate configurations depending on the installation method. Either version will work with any leg vise.You don't need a Benchcrafted Glide to use the Crisscross. 


Crisscross Solo  $99 (pictured above)

The upper ends of the Crisscross arms pivot on two 3/8" steel rods. In order for the Crisscross to function properly, these two rods must be parallel with each other, and perpendicular to the two arms. If you're building a new bench (or a stand-alone vise) where you can drill accurately for these pivot rods using a drill press, the Crisscross Solo will suit your needs. All necessary hardware is included to install the Crisscross Solo with a leg vise of your choice. This version will take less time to install than the Retrofit (see below). However, the Crisscross Solo is less forgiving to install. You need to be accurate about your pivot rod locations and get them straight through the leg and chop. If you make a mistake, you'll have to relocate the pivot rods. We'll cover this in detail in the forthcoming installation instructions.

Crisscross Retro $139 (pictured above)

If you'll be retrofitting a Crisscross to an existing bench, where it would be difficult to drill deep, straight holes for these pivot rods through thick wood by hand (since it will likely be impossible to drill an assembled bench leg using a drill press) the Crisscross Retro will be the better choice. The Retro includes two machined cast iron brackets that automatically provide accurately positioned pivot rod holes. All you have to do it excavate a slightly wider section of the mortise in your leg and chop, and simply screw the brackets in place. No deep drilling required. You may choose to use the Retro version even in new construction, in order to simplify the process and help achieve accurate pivot pins.

Glide Leg Vise w/ Crisscross

We're also offering a special price when you purchase a Glide Leg Vise along with a Crisscross. (These packages DO NOT include roller bracket hardware, which are not needed with the Crisscross)

Glide Crisscross Solo: $399

A Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vise with a Crisscross Solo. Everything you need to build a Glide Leg Vise with a Crisscross, except for wood.

Glide Crisscross Retro: $439

A Benchcrafted Glide Leg Vise with a Crisscross Retro. Everything you need to build a Glide Leg Vise with a Crisscross, except for wood. This includes the two machined brackets.

Benchmaker Packages 

Split Top Roubo and Shaker Benchmaker's packages will also be available with the Glide Crisscross.

Split Top Roubo Benchmaker's Package w/ Glide Crisscross Solo: $809

Split Top Roubo Benchmaker's Package w/ Glide Crisscross Retro: $849

Shaker Benchmaker's Package w/ Glide Crisscross Solo: $829

Shaker Benchmaker's Package w/ Glide Crisscross Retro: $869

Pre Ordering 

Crisscrosses, Glide Crisscrosses, and Benchmaker's Packages with Crisscross are available for pre-ordering now on our Store page

Special discount for past Glide customers

For customers who purchased a Glide leg vise between February 1st, 2012 and  September 1st, 2012, we will offer free domestic shipping (a $16.00 average value) on both Crisscross Solo and Crisscross Retro. This, of course, does not apply to other purchases. It's for the Crisscross Solo or Retro only. For international Glide owners, we'll give a prorated discount. Inquire for rates.

To get free shipping, simply order a Crisscross, then include a note with your order stating that you bought a Glide between those dates.

Lead times

Ship date for the first run of Crisscrosses is December 3. If we complete the run early, we'll ship before then. Depending on demand, we may sell out quickly. Order now to increase your chances of getting your Crisscross soon. 
More info

To view everything we've published about the Crisscross, follow this link. This includes installation details, dimensions, demo videos. Everything. In the coming weeks we'll update the website with a Crisscross page and installation instructions.


  1. Great news. Thanks. Just purchased. Can't wait to install. I've been waiting for it before installed the glide.

  2. Well placed. I am impressed that you hit that mark with custom casting!


  3. Thank you
    True to your word again! A refreshing value to see these days. I agree exceptional pricing and timely production. Two ordered up for an early Christmas present.
    Kindest regards

  4. Jameel, this looks fantastic. 2 questions. How wide will the crisscross open-- given the screw is also that long. Have you tried a mock-up with an angled leg&chop? Just wondered how it would operate at an angle.

  5. John,

    You can get about 16" max opening, but that places the pivot rather high, and thus, less powerful. We have not tried the Crisscross on an angle yet. We'll do some testing and get back.


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