Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Portable, Full-Size, Safari-Ready Roubo

Lots of workbench aficionados think they are on the cutting edge of the latest trends in benchdom. They act humble, even surprised that they've unearthed yet another bench design, posting fuzzy and grainy pictures sent to them by self-appointed workbench archaeologists. These people have an illness. Or more accurately, an addiction. They are sick, sick individuals. You know who you are. What is a workbench? For some its rope and a big toe. For others its a robot with hydraulic pistons operated from a separate room by a fat balding man eating Snickers with a knife and fork while watching Matlock reruns. For us at Benchcrafted, there is the ONE bench. The one bench to rule them all. One bench to hold your boards, and in the workshop, bind them.


  1. LOL! I enjoyed this. Can't wait until April 1st to see what you come up with.

  2. You can't take yourself too seriously. Loved it.

  3. Classic. Well played by all. I already have a bench, but am collecting and drying the wood for another. I look forward to using your hardware.

    Will my vise hand wheel magically spin like that? Or do you have to buy the Benchcrafted Roubo Wand as an accessory? If so, how much is that and can I get it in curly maple?

    1. Find a Jedi Master. I hear they're on Facebook now.

  4. As always, a really well done video. Thanks for the laugh

  5. Good fun. ... mentioned the video and it is worth the watch.


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