Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Buy Lumber for the Split Top Roubo

Several of our customers are particularly eager to get started on their bench when ordering a Benchmaker's Package (particularly in ordering their lumber) so recently we've made lots of this information free, available for download anytime. To make that info readily accessible, we wanted to do a separate post about exactly where to find this information.

Here is a comprehensive list on exactly what's available to help you plan your build, before you get your vises and printed plans. 

First, here is what you get in the box when you take delivery of your Benchmaker's Package:

- Tail Vise
- Glide Leg Vise (original or Crisscross-enabled, depending on your order)
- Barrel Nuts (standard and end cap)
- Lag Screws for attaching the top
- Four 20" x 30" sheets of measured drawings

And here is everything available for free download at any time: (click links download)

- Construction Notes 
This is the written instruction for how to build the bench. See page 9 for info on how to order and purchase lumber for the bench.

- 3-d drawing
This is the 3-d drawing of the entire bench. It is very much like a Sketchup drawing. You can measure every detail of the bench, move parts, make them invisible, etc. You can see the exact size of every part of the bench, making lumber selection an easy process. You'll need software to view the drawing. Download it here.

Here is a video that explains how to use the software:

- Blog Posts about the Split Top Roubo
Click here to read everything we've published about the Split Top Roubo. In particular, you'll be interested to read this post about ordering lumber.

Our FAQ includes even more information about the Split Top Roubo.

We're more than happy to field questions about the bench, but if you're planning to alter the bench in any way, make it shorter, longer, wider, etc., you'll need to do your own legwork on how that alters what you need to order for lumber. We purposely do not include a cutlist with the plans, so you can more accurately, and economically determine exactly what you need from the 3-d drawing or the printed drawings based on the lumber you have available to you.

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