Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Benchcrafted In Europe

We had no idea that Germans could be so fun.

But before you accuse us of uncharitable characterizations, know that we're half German. Our maternal side of the family hails from Bremen and Nienburg, where our ancestors did two things. Two things most necessary for human happiness. Brewing and Butchery. Our great-grandfather Rudolph Beckmann emigrated to Iowa in the early part of the 20th c. and brought his trade with him. That's him pictured below (upper left) among his fellow brethren at the meeting of the Nienburg Brotherhood of Butchers, ca. 1907. Just an apprentice at the time, I bet he looked forward to the day he got to pose with a sixty liter glass of Schwarzbier (get a load of that!) Our brewing ancestors stayed in Germany, perhaps because they knew Americans only drank pale lager at the time, and shortly thereafter, saw fit to make beer illegal altogether. 

So its with no small sense of satisfaction that Benchcrafted is now available in Germany through Dieter Schmid's Fine Tools.

Fine Tools carries our full line of vises and will ship throughout Europe.

For those looking to build our Split Top Roubo in Europe or wherever the metric system is used, Fine Tools now offers a free set of metric plans (in German, and soon in English) along with building techniques and instructions. German woodworker Guido Henn has produced a set of videos for Fine Tools showing installation details for the Glide Crisscross and Tail Vise, as well as an overview of the bench. Nice work, Guido.

Our current 20x30 prints of the Split Top Roubo are also available from Fine Tools for those building with the imperial system.

Further details on Benchcrafted's products at Fine Tools can be found here. 


  1. Think that guy deliberately picked a fight with his wife so he could end up sleeping on the bench?


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