Friday, March 21, 2014

Drawsharp FAQ

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we changed the way we package Drawsharps. It seems some folks are having a bit of difficulty using the double stick tape to adhere their diamond pads. So we've added some content to the FAQ to address this issue. We apologize if you've ruined your tape, but the fix is really quick and easy, and in fact is the same method you'll be instructed to use if you've purchased a Rehab Kit. We're posting the FAQ below.

∙ I ruined the double stick tape as I was attaching the diamond pads, what do I do?
Glue the diamond pads directly onto the sleeves using gel CA (Super) glue, or contact cement. A couple dots per pad is sufficient. The super glue can be a tad messy if you over apply it. Contact cement is a more relaxed approach. You don't need to specifically use double-stick tape, we simply package it with the Drawsharp for the customer's convenience. If you have a Rehab kit, we instruct customers to install the four diamond pads the same way.

To see a video on how to properly apply the diamond pads with double stick tape, see here

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