Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nate's STR

Dear Benchcrafted,

Last winter I purchased your "bench makers" package and built myself a splittop Roubo. The plans you provided were excellent and the hardware is prettydarn sweet.

I am a joiner producing a full spectrum of work - furniture to architecturalelements. I specialize in exterior living spaces (ie, historic porches,fences, decks). Since building the bench I've had plenty of time to test itin a variety of ways. I won't bore you with the normal holding prowless theleg and tail vices exhibit over furniture components. This is obvious.

However, I have run into a couple of interesting scenarios with curves thatthe leg vice excelled at holding. The ease of use and rapidity in which Icould move components around on the bench brought a smile to my face. Thisis getting long winded. The Roubo is awesome. The vises kick ass. Keep upthe good work!


Nate Plasha owns and operates Black Locust Craftsmen in Burlington, VT.

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  1. That's wonderful stuff right there. Looks like Nate is an excellent craftsman! And with windows like that... an old industrial building or school? Looks fantastic.

    But "long winded" doesn't start until you're at about 700 words... ;)


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