Wednesday, April 20, 2016

STILL IN STOCK: Classic Leg Vise Unfinished & BC Holdfasts

Sold out......!  

When we first released our Classic Leg Vise we promised a few that we'd eventually offer it without the black Parkerized finish. Here's your chance to pick one up.

We only have a limited number of these, since this isn't a stock item. First come, first served.

The vise will arrive unfinished, sporting the freshly-machined steel surfaces right off our mills and lathes. The parts will have a light coating of oil. We recommend that you treat these like raw steel (since they are) and either keep them lightly oiled, or give them a good coat of paste wax to keep the rust at bay. You could also just let them get a nice old bronzey patina, if you have a few years worth of patience. A rub down with steel wool, followed by cold bluing would give them a steel-blue sort of look. Baked flax is also an option.

The handle is the only part that doesn't get fully machined. Since we start with cold rolled steel, the main shaft of the handle shows the mill finish, with only the threaded ends, and the V-groove midway being machined. This makes the main shaft look less shiny than the rest of the vise. The solution to unify the look of the handle (if you care) is to polish it with a maroon or gray Scotch-Brite pad, followed by fine steel wool (which is what we did to the assembled handle in the background.) You can do this to the rest of the vise as well, if you like the brushed, satiny-look.

If you're building a complete bench, this would pair nicely with a Tail Vise M, with its fully-machined handwheel.

The price of the unfinished Classic is normally the same as the standard Classic.


  1. The above e-mail link is dead. Sent you an e-mail order through an e-mail address I found in my inbox. Got a reply that you no longer monitored that email address ( Really wanted to purchase one of these Larry Jackson (my contact info probably still in your database from past transactions)

  2. Larry,

    Just pick the configuration that you want from the drop down and hit Add to Cart.

  3. Hi,
    how do I can buy it?
    Can you help me?
    Thank you,

  4. Do you have the approximate weight and dimensions of the package? Thanks.

  5. If you use a liquid 'cold blue' solution you can get a nice 'plum brown' finish by heating the steel parts until you are just able to hold them then rag on the cold blue. You will have to make sure ALL traces of oil are removed and wear gloves to avoid contaminating the surface. Repeat a few times to get an even finish.

    Birchwood-Casey brand 'Plum Brown' from a gun shop is basically an old time cold blue with the instructions to heat etc. on the bottle - and it works. Using the cold blue chemicals makes a surface as rust resistant as Parkerising but a nicer colour.

    1. This came up when I was googling.
      Any good?


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