Tuesday, April 12, 2016



You probably receive several of these a day, but I wanted to say thanks for the excellent hardware and bench plans.  Like many out there, I used Marc Spagnuolo's video series on his Guild site as well.

Walnut was 12/4 I got from a small hardwood dealer in New Hampshire, base was 12/4 and 8/4 hard maple I bought wet from a guy in Massachusetts and air-dried stickered in my basement for 30 months, and the top is from 8/4 soft maple I got from Downes and Reader Hardwood in Stoughton, MA (

I’ve been woodworking for a while, but the condor tails were the first dovetails I ever made.

I’m looking forward to years of heavy use - it will drastically change the way I woodwork.  Also looking forward to the new Moxon hardware, and the other products you announced in a blog post recently.


Nick Carruthers
Providence, RI


  1. Very nice! This bench, with this wood species combinations (soft maple/walnut) is absolutely on my list but time and budget are preventing me right now.


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