Thursday, August 29, 2013

Benchcrafted In Bronze

In celebration of our 7th anniversary we're happy to announce our commemorative handwheels, cast in bronze. Why 7th you ask? Well, there is a bronze foundry just up the road from us, and we just couldn't wait another three years. So we dropped off our patterns a few months ago, and told them to let the gold flow. 

We did these purely for fun, so we're more or less pricing the bronze component at our cost, plus a couple tanks of gas to and from the foundry. 

We only have a handful of these (less than 20 of each) and no plans to make more.

Pricing is as follows:  ALL SOLD OUT

     Bronze Glide with Crisscross Solo: $522

     Bronze Glide with Crisscross Retro: $562

     Bronze Tail Vise: $417

     Bronze Benchmaker's Package (Crisscross Solo): $980

     Bronze Benchmaker's Package (Crisscross Retro): $1020

Right now these aren't on our store page. To order, you must send an email to stating what you'd like, along with your shipping address, and we'll send you an invoice. If you want to purchase other Benchcrafted stuff, make sure you let us know. 


  1. By the hand of Hephaestus, those are beautiful!

  2. Back you temptress... back!

    But it's so beautiful...


    But serious... It is so nice.

  3. Very nice. Can't wait to see what you do for the 10th anniversary. (Maybe some finished like the carver's vise: jet black everything (including screw, crisscross etc.) to look like wrought iron. Or since I'm wishing, some actual wrought iron from Mr. Ross.

    By the way the FORP bench looks fantastic.

  4. Wow - that's some serious eye candy. Beautiful.

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