Thursday, August 15, 2013

Carver's Vises...Only A Few Left

Just a couple months after releasing the Benchcrafted Carver's Vise, we are nearly sold out. We just have a handful left. With our queue of new items in the works, we won't get to another run of these anytime soon.

In addition to being a lot of fun to build, the vise is very handy for working smaller parts up close, and for getting at all sides of a part. Something that a typical face vise really struggles with. We love to use the vise for drawknife and spokeshave work when we don't feel like sitting at a shavehorse. If you don't have a shavehorse, you can build chairs with this vise.

The real beauty of the vise is in the mounting system. You can grab the vise, mount it to your bench and be ready for work in ten seconds. Removing the vise takes five seconds. These number aren't exaggerated. Watch the video.

To read more about the vise, click here.

To order a Carver's Vise, visit our Store Page.

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