Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Drawer Is Hung

Yesterday I worked all day, but my bench was on my mind the entire time. I have to say, I haven't been this excited about a bench since I built my first Roubo some years ago. Why? I don't quite know. My gut tells me its because I got this one started with 19 other like-minded woodworkers.The memories of the FORP will be with me I imagine until I'm too old to remember my name.

But my mind tells me its because this bench is a sort of core symbol of the craft. Yes, the hand plane or hand saw is the ubiquitous image for us, but I never had that connection with either of those tools. I did have that glorious moment when I made my first gossamer shaving on my own, but I never saw the tool itself as a symbol of the spirit of woodworking. For me, its the bench.

So what it is about Roubo's Plate 11 bench? Romance. Pure and simple. Is it functional? Absolutely, and obviously. Will I put my other Roubo, outfitted with Benchcrafted vises out by the curb? Are you kidding? I will never give up my Glide Crisscross or Tail Vise voluntarily, I honestly could not work happily without either of those. But does that mean I need them for every operation? Nope. Does that mean that some days I want to make something entirely on my Plate 11 bench, even at the cost of perhaps less efficient workholding? Definitely. Am I tired of asking and answering my own questions? You bet.

Here's what I did for the past few evenings before I could hold my eyelids open another second. I built the drawer. 


  1. For those of us that wished we could have figured out a way to make the trek when you first opened up the project, following along has been the next best thing. It's been fun watching you guys complete your benches and I'd bet the farm that you've created quite a few cases of bench envy (it's strictly the history and beauty of the wood that is doing it to me.)

    I do have a small request. Would you ask everyone else that participated to send you pics of their completed bench and then post all of them at the same time.

    Thanks and again, Wow!

    1. Patrick, I was planning on doing just that. Stay tuned.

  2. Come on big guy, you can admit it. You miss me. It's ok, I miss you too! :). I'll never forget that week, ever.When my boy is old enough, we are gonna sit and watch that video over and over and I am gonna tell him all the stories about you all! Play it again, daddy!

    I was thinking of foregoing the drawer. Now I am compelled to do it! Dang it! And I don't have enough WO either!

    Patrick, I have posted my current pics on my blog -

    1. Build the drawer. (only my drawer front is French oak, rest is the backyard variety) It's easy enough to remove should we need to clamp something there. Plus, I was thinking of putting my label there-directly above the drawer. It would protect it, but mostly it would keep me from drilling a holdfast hole through it. I miss everyone, especially when I need to move something heavy. ;-)

  3. That is a elegant solution with the drawer rails. I like the fact that they disappear with the drawer shut. I'm going to have to try this on my next hanging drawer.


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