Thursday, May 28, 2015

Classic Leg Vise - Check Your Groove Pins

We discovered an incorrect part in the hardware packs included with Classic Leg Vises. You may have the correct pin, only a few vises were shipped out with the wrong part. We're not entirely sure when this crept in, but nevertheless, here's how to address it.

To join the screw's shaft to the vise's hub, a steel groove pin is inserted into the hub which passes through the shaft and into the other side of the hub. The incorrect groove pin is pictured below.

Type A Groove Pin

The grooves on this pin (its a type A pin) run the entire length. So when you insert the pin into the hub, it starts grabbing right away, preventing you from feeling whether the end is lining up, and inserting properly into the screw's shaft. This can cause you to garf up the pin, the hub, and the shaft. 

This is why we use the correct Type C groove pin, pictured below.

Type C Groove Pin

The groove on the type C pin only extends only 1/4 the length of the pin. This allows you to insert the pin nearly all the way into the hub before it bites, and (this is important) allow you to feel the end of the pin engage the hole in the screw's shaft. Then you tap the pin in firmly to complete the assembly.

It is possible to use the Type A pin with success, but it will be fussy. That said, if you have a Type A pin and would like a Type C, drop us a line via email and we'll get one in the mail to you. If you ordered a Classic in the last few days, you'll be getting the correct pin.


  1. Jameel,

    Thanks - will check my pin.

    On a related issue, is there any update to the installation instructions for the Glide / Classic leg vice? A few of us purchased them as part of a group bench build and are having trouble getting them aligned and spinning in and out properly. I read a post elsewhere that some have had success backing off the nut by 1/8 turn when installing - is there any further advice?



    1. Jose, drop us an email with your contact info and we'll sort it out.


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