Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Tool - The Benchcrafted Paring Skraper

At long last the Benchcrafted Paring Skraper is ready.

We've been talking about this tool for some time now, so we're pleased to announce that we'll be selling it at Handworks in Amana, IA on May 15 and 16. We eventually plan to make the tool available through our store page, so look for online ordering sometime this summer. But for now, it's only available at Handworks.

So, a simple tool, a simple explanation. For those familiar with our Skraper, the Paring Skraper is nothing more than a narrower, longer version that's capable of finer work, and getting into places that the Skraper can't venture.

Think dog holes. The square kind of course. This tool makes it easy to scrape away glue squeeze out (slightly cured of course) in deep, narrow recesses.

The Paring Skraper's business end has a finely ground carbide strobe, brazed onto a steel blank. All edges are finely surface ground so each 90 degree face terminates in a sharp arris. Not only good for general scraping duties, the Paring Skraper excels at scraping dense hardwoods, plastics and some softer metals. You can touch up the flats (to make new, sharp arrises) with diamond hones.

The tool is much more deft in the hand for finer detail work, and can easily take a shaving from denser woods with much less pressure than the standard Skraper, which means you can do similar work with less effort, and thus gain more control.

The handle is simple too. A rubberized, textured grip that slips right over the chrome-plated steel handle. You can even remove the rubber grip if you wish, but this really is the perfect handle material for this tool.

The Paring Skraper is just over 8" in length, with a 5/8" wide, 3/16" thick carbide tip. The tool costs $24. We'll have a limited number of these in our booth at Handworks, so if you want one, make sure you stop by first thing Friday morning.

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