Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm On Twitter

Tags of Hash: #Benchcrafted #ArrogantToolChest #Schwarzwurst #AbrahamOnRye

Well, I'm not really on Twitter (although I have been a twit a time or two) but my tool chest article with Chris Schwarz is! That's the binder for the next issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, where Chris' (far more interesting) half of the article will appear. My part happens in the subsequent issue, where, for marketing reasons, the cover shot will feature Bo Derek or Knight Rider (or both.)

I must keep this short since we are frantically getting ready for Handworks next week, where you can see Chris' most precise, and crisply hand-dovetailed masterwork in the flesh, along with the fancy-pants, artsy-fartsy lid that I cranked out one weekend last December. I'm also told by a certain editor at the magazine that I may have a few copies of the article (or something along those lines--no promises!) to give away at Handworks. How cool is that!? (97 on a scale of 1-100, in case you thought that was rhetorical.)

The tool chest will be on display in the Benchcrafted booth, which is directly next to the Lost Art Press booth, so you can pick multiple brains about the project, although I can't promise I'll have much brains left by next weekend.


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